Starting the day off right

This simple breakfast only feels decadent, it’s really simple and so delish. I love the layered textures between the toasted bread, chunky guac, creaminess of the feta then the pop of the cherry tomatoes. I like to used a multi grain bread, toasted and cooled off before I top it with all the goodies. Basically, this is the recipe (I encourage you to tweak it to your taste!) My daughter sometimes tops hers with a poached egg, for that little extra.

2 slices grain bread
1 ripe avocado, scooped out
1/4 cup sweet onion
1 tablespoon diced jalapeno
Sale & Pepe
1/4 cup good quality Greek cheese (from sheep milk best, IMO)
4 cherry tomatoes

How to make the magic happen:
Toast bread and cool
In a bowl, mash up avocado with a fork (I like it chunky, but I know some folks like it creamy)
Add onion, jalapeno, salt & pepper (now you’ve got guac!)
Put half the mixture on each slice of toast
Top each slice with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese, Viola!

Pro-tip – to scoop out the avocado, first cut in half, remove pit. With a knife score the flesh in a crisscross pattern getting as close to the skin as possible without cutting the skin or your hand. Using a tablespoon you can now easily scoop out the avocado!

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