Pizza Pizza

No one delivers better than mom…

Growing up in Queens there were strong pizza affiliations – Carlos’, Sal’s, Ben’s, Newpark, dare I mention Big Bow Wow…yes, I’m that old (barely). In any case, it’s fun sometimes to try to create a masterpiece pizza. Who doesn’t like playing with the dough, and creating their own pizza? Truthful moment – my homemade pizza comes out excellent about 40% of the time…true I cook in two very different environments (NYC gas oven, Clearwater convection electric) but I just can’t quite figure it out. I have tossed many a pizza whose crust is half baked and cheese either burnt or not cooked, or both. So I’ll spare you a disingenuous sharing of a recipe here and leave you with one of my pizza success story pictures. I wish you luck and invite you to share (please) any pointers here that I can build on. I know someone has this figured out!

2 thoughts on “Pizza Pizza

  1. girloutofqueens

    What temp do bake it at? Hotter the better, 450-500°. Do you preheat the stone while the oven is heating up? Have tried the low carb fathead pizza dough recipe?


    1. sacco150 Post author

      Hi love, yes the higher temperature the better (for me it depends on whether I’m in NY – gas oven or CL – electric).
      I haven’t tried the fatheads yet, but I’ve made cauliflower crust and it’s pretty ok.



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